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Mission of the Houston Foresight Program

The mission of the Houston Foresight Program is to serve aspiring professional futurists and the world by providing high-quality foresight training to help individuals and organizations in business, government, education, and non-profits realize their preferred futures.

Vision of the Houston Foresight Program

What it’s all about

The work we are doing here is important. The world needs more foresight, and it’s our job to help provide that. So, thank you students (and alums) for joining us in this work!

The big vision

Foresight is a disseminated practice in widespread use.

The program vision

To be widely recognized as the premier training ground for professional futurists and for those seeking to futurize their lives and their organizations.
Our Core
A mission and a vision

Welcome to the Foresight Graduate Program! As a Foresight graduate, you will enter an emerging professional field that helps business, government, non-profits and others anticipate and prepare for the future.

Some of our students enroll to become professional futurists, while others seek to bring a foresight perspective to their current careers. And some just find the future a fascinating area of study. You will learn the concepts, methods, and skills to systematically explore the future --  however you choose to apply them.

There are three major areas of focus that you will learn about:  

  • Understanding the future involves learning the key concepts of thinking about change and the future. (How does change happen?)
  • Mapping the future involves anticipating significant changes and describing them in forecasts and scenarios. (What are the future possibilities?)
  • Influencing the future involves helping stakeholders vision a preferred future and developing and executing the plans to make it happen. (What can we do about it?)

The curriculum blends theory and practice in a way that you’ll be prepared to take action. Our goal is for each student to make a difference in the world by helping to bring about the preferred futures for those we work with.