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Best of Houston Foresight at WFS

Katie King, The Future of School Structures and Spaces

Adam Cowart, The Future of Identity

Johann Schutte, The Future of First Contact


Adam Cowart, Alternative Currencies: The Future of Societal Transaction

Justin Kugler, The Future of Industrial Activity in Space

Omar Sahi, The Future of News Media


Jim Breaux, "Future of Emergency Preparedness"

Kurt Callaway, "The Harvesting of Space Resources"

Laura Schlehuber, "The Future of National Performance 2030"


Heather Schlegel, "Success: The Human Problem"

Jim Breaux, "The Future of Weather-Related Disaster Recovery"

Sean Daken, "The Future of Cause Marketing"


Jason Swanson, "Learning Management Systems" Machines That Think"

Josh Lindenger, "Locative Media: The Internet Always Knows Where you Are"

Heather Schlegel & Emily Empel, "The Demographic Transition"


Sara Robinson, "The Future of the Progressive Movement in the United States"

Heather Schlegel, "The Value Exchange"

Emily Empel, "The Future of the Sex Industry"


Carlos Lobo, "The Futures of Neuroscience"

Martin Siebold, "The Future of Nanotechnology"

Morgan Kauffman, "Biofuels: Growing Power form Algae"

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2016 Spring Gathering on Blockchain

The 2016 annual Spring Gathering began at the Cadillac Bar & Grill on the Kemah boardwalk with Mexican food and margaritas, and then took on the "Boardwalk Bullet" rollercoaster. Saturday's day-long meeting centered on the future of Blockchain in was held a wonderful house on the Marina generously hosted by Mike and Quyen Courtney of Aperio Insights.

1. KnowledgeWorks: Meet Blockchain and its implications for education The day started with Alumni Katie King, Jason Swanson and Mike Courtney sharing with us the potential of Blockchain technology for education. They presented a forecast entitled "Learning on the Block: Can Smart Transactional Models Power Personalized Learning?" which is a KnowledgeWorks and Aperio Insights collaboration.

2. Teachur, the Blockchain and Decentralized Education Closely connected to the theme from KnowledgeWorks, we had Josh Stanley and Ben Blair of Teachurdiscuss their experience using the Blockchain to certify the mastery of educational objectives.

3. System Solutions for Poverty in the United States (the Kaufmanns) We also had the Kauffman family share a systems approach to tackling the wicked problem of poverty. The inspiration came from their earlier work on "Project Interlock." Morgan and his dad, Draper, have been working on this for a couple of years and if all goes well, will see their book on this topic published sometime next year!

4. An online visit from Oxford (Wendy Schultz) Closer to the end, we had Wendy Schultz join us online, presenting the research she is doing on Blockchain Futures. She uses the Sensemaker software to collect "a broad range of stories about possible uses of Blockchain and how those uses could transform society, the economy, governance, and other aspect of life."

Houston Foresight Community at WorldFuture 2015

The gang will be heading to San Francisco for this year's WFS General Assembly, featuring our annual "Best of Houston" session.

Best of Houston Foresight 2015
This session highlights the best student products from the award-winning graduate program in foresight at the University of Houston. The session will include the best essays, forecasts, scenarios and plans from the next generation of professional futurists. This year's students are:

Adam Cowart is a graduate student of Foresight at the University of Houston, a Senior Planning Manager for Loblaw Companies Ltd, and a writer. He holds an M.B.A. and an M.F.A. and will present on “Alternative Currencies: The Future of Societal Transaction.”
Justin Kugler is a graduate student of Human Space Exploration Sciences at the University of Houston and the business development manager for industrial R&D at the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space. He will present on "The Future of Industrial Activity in Space".
Omar Sahi is a graduate student of Foresight at the University of Houston. He is also an artist working with new media and sculpture. Omar has developed a keen interest around speculating on how people communicate in the future and will present on “The Future of News Media.”

Houston Foresight Spring Gathering: Technology Acceleration, April 17-18, Houston, TX

The annual Houston Foresight Spring Gathering was held on April 17 and 18 was the perfect mix of fun, networking and learning — our brains hurt, but in a good way! (See flyer for overview and agenda for the weekend.) We started out Friday evening at Goode’s Taqueriafor some food and margaritas and then band of hearty souls braved a torrential downpour and flash flooding to continue the party with some hookah at Byzantio.

The group reconvened Saturday to spend a day with alum John Smart. He spoke to us on“Technology Acceleration” and essentially provided a sneak preview of a summer elective he is teaching for us (also called “Technology Acceleration.” [See slides here])

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