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One of the only institutions in the world teaching foresight

The Foresight program at the University of Houston offers education and training in futures thinking and methodologies in a variety of formats that are customized for different learners with different needs.

Master's Degree in Foresight -- a traditional 36 credit-hour Masters of Science degree for those who want the full experience of foresight. The degree prepares graduates for professional work in the foresight field, though many graduates also apply the thinking and tools in their current positions. Classes are offered simultaneously on campus and online. The course sequence is set up so that the degree can be completed in two years for those taking courses full-time and longer for those who are employed

Extension Courses in Foreight -- For organizations who want to train their members in foresight, as well as provide college credit, we can bring the courses to your location in a customized hybrid format that combines convenient class times with online work “in-between” the classes.

Certificate in Foresight -- a week-long certificate program for those who want an overview of foresight without taking classes for credit. This face-to-face experience is an intensive immersion that covers the full foresight landscape at an introductory level. Public versions of the course are held in Houston in January and May, and in Brussels at the end of May. It is possible to earn an online version of the certificate by taking the Introduction to Foresight class in the Master's Program.The Certificate course draws mid-career professionals from a wide range of industries, backgrounds and countries.

Introduction to Foresight -- a one-day introductory course offered at the annual meeting of the World Future Society for those wanting an even more abbreviated overview of foresight. Customized versions of one to five days can also be offered to particular client groups at their site.

Futurizing Your Teaching Practice -- a one-day in-service for teachers who want to use futures thinking in their classes. The in-service also satisfies the 6-hour update for GT certified in teachers in Texas.

Futures Summer Camp -- a summer camp in futures studies for middle-school students. The camp is held at the University over five mornings (three hours) for one week. It provides a light introduction to futures thinking for these students in a fun and engaging way.