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APF Student Recognition

2nd Place - Tim Morgan, "The Future of Quantified Self - Personal Sensors and Analytics"

Honorable Mention - Kimberly Daniels, The Future of Poverty in Burkina Faso"

Honorable Mention - Bo Roe, "The Future of Outdoor Recreation"


Katie King, "The Future of School Structures and Spaces"

Adam Cowart, The Future of Identity"

Johann Schutte, "The Future of Human Effort Towards First Contact"


1st Place - Justin Kugler, "The Future of Industrial Activity in Space"

2nd Place - Adam Cowart, Alternative Currencies, The Future of Societal Transactions

3rd Place - Omar Sahi, "The Future of News Media"


1st Place (Undergrad)- Benjamin Yu, "Future of Digital Storage"

Kurt Callway, "Harvesting of Space Resources"

Mackenzie Dickson "The Future of Schools"

Ricardo Vera "Why Coal Consumption Keeps Rising"


1st Place - Heather Schlegel, "Success: The Human Problem"

3rd Place - Jim Breaux, "The Future of Weather-Related Disaster Recovery"

Sean Daken, "The Future of Cause Marketing"


3rd Place - Heather Schlegel & Emily Empel, "The Demographic Transition"

Eric Zimmerman - "Technology, Power and Markets: The Trajectory of Social Change in Africa, 1880-2020"

Sean Daken, "Wireless Sensor Networks: 15 Years Forward"


1st Place - Elizabeth Chapman, "The Futures of Literacy"

2nd Place - Lily Quinto Banton, "Cringe Magazine"

Heather Schlegel, "The Value Exchange"


1st Place - Darko Lovrik, "The Future of Human Health Treatments"

Dr. Celia Salmeron, "Karl's Future Manifesto"

Carlos Lobo, "The Futures of Neuroscience"


1st Place - Charles Kennedy, "All the World's a Television"

2nd Place - Dr. Kay Strong, "War of the "New" Worlds!"

Sean Daken, "MEDS: Mimetic Evolutionary-Dynamic systems"

Student Work
How we go from learners to practitioners


Our students participate in a variety of internships, both physical and virtual.

We have several internships this summer. Jason Crabtree will become resident futurist for the Workforce Planning, Analytics & Insights department at Disney Parks & Resorts in Orlando in Orlando this summer as part of their paid professional internship program. Ben Lummis spent the Spring semester as an intern for the Policy Planning Unit in the Data and Research division at UNICEF, and it was just extended through his graduation from the foresight program this August. Johann Schutte will be interning at UCB, a multinational bio-pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.  

We also have an ongoing internship program with U.S. Forest Service's Northern Research Station to help them set up an ongoing horizon scanning system. Adam Cowart is working with them this summer.

Katie King has been doing an internship with Knowledge Works, a thought leader in the future of education that develops innovative education approaches and advancing aligned policies.

We have had couple of students relocatee to Paris to do an internship with noted futurist Riel Miller at UNESCO in the Foresight Section under the Bureau of Strategic Planning -- Omar Sahi followed in the footstps of Mackenzie Dickson who did it first.


Book Release by Craig Perry

We are proud to announce the book release of one of our very own students: “Never Leave an Airman Behind: How the Air Force Faltered and Failed in the Wake of the Lackland Sex Scandal” written by Craig Perry. The book not only deals with the future of the Air Force, but includes Craig’s personal accounts and interpretation of them – and that is what makes it so interesting! In our Foresight course Craig previously focused his attention on the Future of NATO and more recently on the European Union. He has also published a paper entitled “The New Space Race: Competition for Lunar Resources.

Adam Cowart in Scenario Magazine

Foresight student Adam Cowart, as part of his internship with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, he has been blogging on various topics. One of his posts, Alternative Currencies and Economic Transactions," was published in CIFS's Scenario Magazine (one of my favorites). In the piece, he suggests two potential scenarios the future of alternative currencies. One, in which alternative currencies remain a complimentary, community based form of exchange. Or two, in which communities "check out" of the global capitalist-based economy, and there is a convergence of virtual currencies and LETS communities to create sustainable and diverse economic systems.

Katie King and The Future of Learning Forecast 4.0

Current student Katie King was part of the KnowledgeWorks team that produced its most recent ten-year forecast: The Future of Learning: Education in the Era of Partners in Code. The project was led by Houston Foresight Alum Jason Swanson. The forecast on the future of learning explores provocations at the intersection three impact layers – people, structures and society – and five drivers of change -- optimized selves, labor relations 2.0, alternate economies, smart transactional models, shifting landscapes.

APF Student Recognition Award Winners

We regularly enter three of our students best work in the APF Student Recognition Program, which now involves 26 universities in 21 countries. (We also include entries for undergraduate students who take one of our foresight-oriented undergrad classes). We have had several winners over the years.

I am so proud to share that Houston Foresight students won first, second, and third place of the Individual Graduate Student category of the APF Student Recognition program for 2014 (judged in 2015).

The students also presented their papers at our annual “Best of Houston Foresight”session at the World Future Society in San Francisco on July 25th, 2015.

For 2013, we had an undergrad winner: Benjamin Yu "The Future of Digital Storage." In 2012, Heather Schlegel and Jim Breaux were two of the three winners. We also won two of the three awards in 2008 and 2010, with a first-place in between in 2009.


Foresight student Maria Romero produced an excellent set of short videos answering frequently asked questions about the Houston Foresight program, which you may have seen on our front page!

Fly Me to the Moon - Heather Schlegel's ('13) video on the future of alternative currencies


Eleven students joined faculty and alums as part of the research team for Student Needs 2025 and Beyond carried out for Lumina Foundation.


We recommend that our students join the APF, which has a student membership category as well as sponsoring the annual Student Recognition program.